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Thursday, 10 November 2011

I'm Thankful For...

In honor of Thanksgiving and because she’s just generally awesome, Beth Revis is hosting an amazing giveaway at the moment, whereby in appreciation for all the amazing stories out there, book bloggers tell everyone the one book they are really grateful for (and also hope to win an amazing price in the process!)
It’s REALLY tough to pick just one fabulous book to be grateful for. Listing more than one would turn into an epic list of fabulousness that would never end and Beth did ask for one title, so that’s what I’ll do. No pressure right?

Here’s the book I’m most grateful for this year.

The book covers all familiar topics from Marchetta's other novels. It is about mothers and daughters, friendships, finding strength in yourself. It is full of humor and honest emotion. It is funny and it is heartbreaking.

I enjoyed every sentence of it.


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